Performing at Scratch Night at FringeArts

This coming Monday I'll be showing an excerpt from the work of the initial workshop for The Long Tides at Scratch Night at FringeArts. It's a bit nuts to think already about showing some of the work when I'm only five days in the studio, but here we go. Aaaaah! Info about the event here. Come see!

Also, here are very early designs for the show image/publicity. What do you think?


In Development: The Long Tides

After some initial writing exercises earlier this past winter, my first self-produced piece ever (ahhhh!) goes into development in earnest this week. The working title of the piece is The Long Tides. It's an exploration of time in relation to the interconnected themes of work, relationship, and solitude (at the moment, anyway, though these themes will probably continue to be refined), and it will be in development throughout several workshops this spring/summer/early fall, with the premier scheduled for October/November (venue and dates, TBD). Self producing is hard. Like, really hard. Well, hard for me anyway because I've never done it. Every other performance I've ever been a part of, even if I was a deviser or co-author, was produced by someone else. It's a whole new world. But logistics aside, I'm excited about it -- and also about the goal of diving into a hybrid of theatrical styles. The piece will be rooted in clown, but will likely take elements from other styles including melodrama, as well as dance and musical theater.

The first workshop is happening now, and will continue throughout the next eight days. Here are a few stills from some video captured at the MAAS studio in Philadelphia, where I'm working during this first workshop. P.S. Working solo is hard. Like really hard. Wow. Hurts so good.