Photo by Jenna Spitz

Photo by Jenna Spitz


Dear friends,
Happy Fall! Wow - even as I write this it's hard to believe that it's Fall already, and yet here it is! Huge thanks to those of you who came out to see (or otherwise supported) The Long Tides in the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. It was wonderful to have you there!

The Long Tides was the culmination of several workshops over the course of 2015 and 2016, and was a huge milestone for me personally and artistically for many reasons. Notably, it was the first full-length devised piece I have created since I finished graduate theater training three years ago (time flies!). And the first piece I have both created and self-produced -- which was an incredible learning experience. Finally, it's the first full-length piece I've made in Philadelphia, and I am still somewhat overwhelmed by both the number of people who made it out to see the show, and by the beautiful responses people have had to it. I have learned so much, and feel so grateful for the audiences that took a chance on me!

Moments in time
Since wrapping up the show, one of the things I've enjoyed most in my reflections on how it all went is looking back at the seminar cards that audiences filled out -- those index cards where you jotted down moments from your morning routines. I've photographed many of them as part of the documentation of the show, and wanted to share them with you all, too. Take a scroll through them here -- you might find yours.

Support The Long Tides
A tremendous amount of work goes into creating and producing independent theater, and I have been extremely lucky to be supported by some generous donors who helped make The Long Tides possible. If you were one of them--thank you, again. I couldn't have gotten this far without you. I am also still raising funds to cover some expenses from the show, and to get a head start on fundraising for the next iteration. If you'd like to support the work, you can make a donation easily online--and thank you!

What's Next
I'm taking some time to rest post festival now, and reflect on the process of making The Long Tides in a short retreat at Drop Forge & Tool, the artist residency space where I began my initial explorations for the piece. (It feels so fitting to be doing this post-show reflection in the wonderful and supportive residency environment where this all started--I feel very lucky. How to make the work is, I think, an ever-evolving process, and I'm glad to have a bit of time now to compost it all and recharge (and in upstate New York, no less, where it is so beautiful this time of year -- see a few photos below!). Watch for details of upcoming projects soon!

Until then,